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    How to Set Up an E-Signature Reminder in Lawmatics

    • Mit McCollum |
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    Navigate to [](
    Hover over the Assets tab and click "Documents"
    Click the Filter icon.
    Click this text field to search for the document. (I searched for all engagement agreements)
    Once you've found the document, click the ••• icon on the right-hand side.
    Click "E-Sign Reminders"
    Click "ADD REMINDER"
    Type in the email message that you want PNC's to receive.
    Click "Add document Link" if you want to add the document link to the email.
    Once you've typed the email, click here. Set the delivery reminder to your preference.
    Click here to set the conditions for stopping the reminders.
    I set the first condition for stopping the reminders for if the status of the matter changes to "hired."
    I set the second condition for stopping reminders as if the stage changed to "open."
    Click "SAVE"
    Once the first reminder is set. You will need to repeat these steps to set additional reminders. The first reminder was set for 7 days after the document was initially sent. The second reminder that I set up is for 2 weeks after the initial document was sent. So they have one reminder for 1 week and a second reminder for 2 weeks.
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