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    How to Set Up the Configuration Panel

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      Navigate to Brokerage Engine.
      Click "Accounting"
      Click "Settings"
      Click "Configuration" to navigate to the panel.

      Reporting Basis Preference

      In order to configure your financial reporting preferences for selected reports, please pick either "Accrual" or "Cash" basis in the toggle button. Please keep in mind that this selection affects your Accounting Method in QBO.
      Click the "Save" button.
      Click "OK"

      Closing Books

      In order to Close your Books, type the date or select it from the small calendar icon. This function is to lock past Accounting periods.
      Click this date field to select a day from the calendar icon.
      Click the "Save" button.
      Click "OK"
      The closing period only applies to Brokerage Engine Accounting operations. If the closing period is selected in QBO, then operations will close in QBO, BE Accounting, and TSS. It is suggested that the books are closed in both QBO and BE Accounting using the same date.
      It is highly recommended to close the books with the date of your last bank reconciliation to assure they cannot be impacted by new entries.

      Setting up the Franchise Fee Payee

      The Franchise Fee Payee needs to be configured to use the Upload ePay Receipt function. The configuration will hide unpaid bills under the Payee, sitting on the "Pay Bills" section of BE Accounting.
      From the Franchise Fee Payee dropdown menu, select the Vendor.

      Create Invoice Notes for Invoice Payments

      Click the "Remit Payment Notes" field to add any payment notes to Accounting Invoices.
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