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    How to Set up Brand Voice in Your Account

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    Navigate to [](

    Adding Voices

    Click "Brand voice".
    Click "Add voice" to add your brand voice into Jasper.
    Choose to either add a voice by entering a URL or choosing a specific copy of text for Jasper to analyze.
    Click the "Paste URL" field to have Jasper crawl your website and detect how you write.
    Click "Continue".
    Name your voice (and modify it if you would like) and click "Create voice". The goal? Jasper creating content that sounds like you.
    Tip! Your brand voice could be customer and client voices, personas, or even how you write across different platforms for different copy. If you are on a Teams/Business Plan, you can add more than one voice in Jasper.

    Adding Knowledge

    Click "Knowledge base" to upload Knowledge with Jasper.
    Click "Add knowledge" to train Jasper on what you write about - company information, product catalogs, style guidelines, data and research, and content to repurpose.
    Tip! With Knowledge, you get to step in front of the AI knowledge base so Jasper can factually and accurately create content consistent with your brand messaging.
    Upload a file up to 3MB or a specific copy of text up to 1,500 characters for Jasper to reference.
    Update: You can now also upload a URL as an asset of knowledge for Jasper to learn from.
    Example: Upload a file into Jasper.
    Tag your file so you can easily access and reference what type of knowledge piece you uploaded.
    Click the "Name your Knowledge Base item" field and click "Add to Knowledge Base" to add this to Jasper.
    Click "Add knowledge" if you wish to add another piece of knowledge (such as a piece of text).
    Copy and paste background information into Jasper.

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