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    How to Setup SMS Long Code from iDonate Dashboard (Legacy)

    • Justin Clemons |
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    Login to the iDonate back office of the organization that's wanting a long code created.
    Click "Text"
    Click "Settings"
    Click "Search Number..."
    Click this search field.
    You may now search for a number that's available to purchase! Note: A specific number may not be available that the org is requesting (if they have one in mind.) We recommend numbers that have a certain pattern to it for ease of use, or close to what an org would like. Feel free to converse with the org to see what they value when it comes to phone numbers and offer one that gets close to what they're looking for as possible.
    Once you find the number they're wanting to use, select it from the list.
    Once you've made the choice of number, click, "Buy Number."

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