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    How to Share Reports in Salesforce

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    Click "Analytics"
    Lets select a report to share. Click "Last FQ Closed Opportunities"
    Click "Share"
    Click "Copy Link"
    Click "Close". If the person already has access to the report, they will be able to access it via the link. If they do not have access to the report yet or you're not sure, continue on.
    Edit the report. Click "Properties"
    The Folder is what dictates sharing. If its in your Private Folder, no one else can view or access the report.
    Click "Close this window"
    Let's check who can access our Sales report folder.
    Click "Reports"
    Click "All Folders"
    Find the folder that the report is in and click the drop down.
    Click "Share"
    Click "Users"
    You can add a User or a Group to sharing.
    Click "Share"
    Click "Done"
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