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    How to Sign Up and Navigate University Financial Strategies Platform

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    Navigate to <> Click "Onboarding"
    [Click "Sign Up Now- Agreement" from page]( You can also click link above to access agreement.
    Most of my clients choose Comprehensive Financial Planning even if we are focused on just Investments in the near future.
    Alternative if we are focusing on just investments.
    Clicking on the Arrow will reveal the full ADV Disclosure Document we will file with the State Regulator. We are Fee Only and provide full disclosure of our fees. No Commissions or Hidden Fees and only what we disclose in this document.
    Click "Set up your Personal Financial Website" from Onboarding Page or just click this link[(Use this link if you did not receive email)"](
    Click "Step 2-B: Discovery and Planning Portal" to [watch Video]( on how to fill out your Profile in RightCapital.\ [Click Here to watch YouTube Video on how to Complete your RightCapital Portal.](
    Watch the Video in Step 1 as we explain the Methodology of our we will invest your wealth. The average investor tends to sabotage their investing, so this explains how we will manage your portfolio from a Risk Perspective. [Click Video Link Here to Watch](
    [Click "Capture your Risk Number and Assess your financial experience"]( No wrong or right answers to answering this brief questionnaire. This should provide you a Risk Number which we will explain how your portfolio is currently invested relative to this number.
    Click "GET STARTED" to complete the Risk Questionnaire.
    Click "Step 2-C: See your Finances on the Go!"
    This explains how you can download the RightCapital App from the Apple or Google App Store.
    Step 3: Statements and Documents. After filling out Profile in RightCapital you can easily upload documents to the "Vault". Here are further Step by Step Instructions to upload files to the Vault. [](
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