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    How to Sign in to Salesforce with Single-Sign-On

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    This SOP will guide you on how to sign in to Salesforce with Single-Sign-On.
    Go to <> Since this will be the login URL, bookmarking this page is highly recommended. After bookmarking the page, you can click that bookmark to access Salesforce login with Single-Sign-On.
    If you are getting this error message, please [clear your CACHE](,vid:SFVGK-tff-E,st:0) and try it again. If clearing cache does not work, please reach out to IT to configure your SSO.
    Click your email address.
    Since we have Lastpass saving your password, password should auto-populate. If the password is not auto-populated, enter your password.
    Great! You are now logged in to Salesforce.
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