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    How to Submit a Port Request

    • Janelle Chow |
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    • 3 minutes
    Navigate to [](
    Click "New Port Request"
    Click the "Port Request Name" field.
    Type PON Name ie: "WDH9339"
    Click this field.
    Type numbers to be ported seperated with a comma
    Click "Next"
    Click "Next"
    Click "Choose File"
    Click here.
    Click the "Carrier" field.
    Type Carrier Name
    Click the "Account Name on Bill" field.
    Type Account name from the bill ie: "#9339 Winchelle's Donuts"
    Click the "Street Number" field.
    Type "716"
    Click the "Street Name" field.
    Type "N. Western "
    Type Street Type if applicable
    Click the "City" field.
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