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    How to Submit a Proposal on ESO's Website

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    Navigate to []( to submit a proposal (or []( to play with the demo version)
    Click the "Username" field.
    Fill in your ESO user portal ID, password, and click "Login"
    Click "Create new proposal"
    Click the "Proposal Title" field.
    Type your proposal title
    In "Cycle", select the cycle you want to submit to. For instance: P112 MPG for a normal MPG proposal, or P112 MPG Monitoring for a monitoring MPG proposal, or P112 CNTAC for a CNTAC proposal.
    Click "Create Proposal"
    As long as the red box "Errors" is present, you need to do something before submitting the proposal. Deploy the menu for the proposal you just created by clicking the "+" next to it.
    If you are submitting this proposal of behalf of someone else, click "Investigators"
    In the "Email..." field, type in the email of the PI. This must be the email they use for their ESO User Portal ID. If the system does not find them, they are not registered (or they use a different email).
    Click the full name of your colleague to confirm.
    Click this radio button to make your colleague the PI of the proposal (you will remain as delegated PI).
    Click "Add Investigator"
    Click "Runs" to create the run(s) you need for this proposal
    Click "Add Run"
    Click the "Instrument" dropdown to select the instrument requested.
    Click "Add Run"
    Click "Add Observing Setup". A new set-up is created. You need only 1 single set-up.
    If you want to request other instruments, repeat the above steps to create additional runs for the other instruments.
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