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    How to Update IDs on Workday


    Once logged into Workday, click on the **profile icon** in the top right and then click on "**View Profile**"
    On the left side blue menu, click on **Personal**
    Click on the **IDs** tab


    Click the **Edit** button. If no ID information is on file, you'll see an **Add** button instead. Click on Add.
    Click "**Change My Government IDs**"
    We have two categories in this section: 1. **National IDs** - for Social Security Number (SSN) OR U.S. Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) 2. **Government IDs -** for Permanent Resident Card (Form I-551), US Birth Certificate, Native American Tribal Document, and more.
    Based on the Category you need to add your documentation under (see step 6), click on the **plus sign** in that section.
    Click in the **Country** field and search for the country.
    Click in the **ID Type** field
    Select the **ID** you are providing.
    Add the **Identification #** for Government IDs. Add the **Add/Edit ID** for National IDs.
    For **Government IDs**, enter the Issue & Expiration Date. *These dates are not required for entering a Social Security Number under National IDs.*


    At the bottom of the page, **Upload your Documentation.**
    After confirming your file uploaded, click in the **Category** field.
    Select **ID Verification**
    Click "**Submit**"
    You have submitted the change. Please watch your Workday account for updates from Student Records.
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