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    How to Update Your TTBizLink Account Settings

      Navigate to Account Settings

      Click the down arrow on the left-hand menu.
      Three options are presented. These are: Account Settings, Switch Organisation and Log Out. Click Account Settings.

      Update Account Info

      A sub-menu is now displayed with four sections. These are: Account Info, Signature, Password and Organisation. To update the Account Info section click "Edit".
      Three sections are displayed in the sub-menu for updating under Account Info. These are User Profile, Identification Details and Notification. You will now be able to edit each of these three sections. Click on each section to make any updates. Note that in the User Profile section, if you change your login e-mail then you will be automatically logged out of your account and receive a verification email to activate the new login e-mail.
      Click on the section labels to move between sections.
      After all updates are made, click "Save".
      A message is displayed that the update was successful.

      Click "←Back" to return to the sub-menu options.

      Update Your Signature

      To update your Signature, click the Signature section.
      Click "Upload Signature"
      Click the "Upload e-Signature Document" button and upload the signature image form your computer.
      Use the zoom buttons to crop the signature as required then click "Save".
      A message is displayed to indicate that the signature was cropped successfully. Click "×" to close the box.
      Click "←Back" to return to the main sub-menu options.

      Update Your Password

      Click on Password from the sub-menu.
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