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    How to Upload Documentation to Your WV STARS Account

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    Timeline Review for Properly Uploaded Documentation – 30 days
    Navigate to [](
    Click "Professionals"
    Click "Login"
    Enter Login ID and Password, then click submit
    Click on My Profile
    Click on Tab 6 Career Pathway Credential Application Submission
    Click Dropdown box, click selection, and click Apply/Renew/Upgrade

    Uploading Your Resume

    Experience in Early Care and Education – attach a copy of your resume existing experience in month/year format.
    Click Edit
    Click Upload
    Navigate to your Document and Click Open
    Enter the years of experience you have working in the field of early care and education, if you do not have at least one year of experience, then you will enter 0. Then Click Save-you will know you did it correctly as it will show as pending on your screen
    Changes will not be applied if you don't click save
    Click Update Information at the bottom of the page

    Formal Education

    *Academic Institution – if your school is listed then you may select it from the drop-down box *Institution Not Listed Above – if your school was not listed, then you will enter it here *Degree – if your degree is listed you may select if from the drop-down box *Degree Not Listed Above – if it was not listed or you are entering your high school diploma/GED then you can enter that information in this box
    Please Note – for college coursework you must submit a copy of official transcripts, we do not accept college diplomas.
    Click Add New Degree or Add New Academic Coursework and complete information
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