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    How to Use Airbnb Data in BrightInvestor

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    Search for your desired location in the "Enter Address, Zip Code, or City" field and press **Enter.**
    In **Step 1** of the sidebar that appears, select **Airbnb Data.**
    In **Step 2** of the sidebar, select the *Data Type* you want to view. For example, press **Listings**.
    You can add filters to your search, such as *bedroom count*. For this example, press **2\.**
    You can also select from a variety of *Property Types*. For this example, we'll go with **All**.
    Let's set the *Min* and *Max* field to only display airbnbs with nightly prices between **200** and **400\.**
    You can also change your *Data Boundary* from **Radius** to **Zip Code.** For this example, we'll stick with **Radius.**
    You can increase the *Radius in Miles* to broaden or narrow your search. For example, select **3** miles.
    If all the filters are in your desired order, we're ready to view the data! Click **Generate Map.**
    The results will appear on the map within the radius boundary. To see more information on a listing, click on its pin.
    You can see a quick overview with information like ratings, description, beds, guests, and price/night.
    Lastly, you can add the generated data as a **Layer.** This will allow you to stack data types on your map. Let's click that now.
    Enter your *Layer Name* and click **Save**.
    When you want to view your *Airbnb Listings Layer* in the future, click the **Layers** button. You can show/hide and delete layers here.
    You're done searching *Airbnb Listings*! To research *Airbnb Occupancy Rates*, click **Start New Data Search.**
    In **Step 1** of the sidebar that appears, select **Airbnb Data.**
    In **Step 2** of the sidebar, this time we're going to select **Occupancy Rates.**
    Let's set the bedroom count to **2\.**
    You can also change your *Data Boundary.* For this example, click **City By Zip Code** and generate the map.
    In **Step 3** of the sidebar, you can view the *Number of Units* and their *Median Occupancy* within the boundary search. You can also **hover** your mouse over the bar graph and find the listing/occupancy rate.
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