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    How to Use Build Permits Data in BrightInvestor

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    Search for your desired location in the "Enter Address, Zip Code, or City" field and press **Enter.**
    In **Step 1** of the sidebar that appears, select **Build Permits.**
    In **Step 2** of the sidebar, select the *Visualization Type* you want to view. For this tutorial, we'll be using **Heat Map / Pins**.
    You can choose different ways to view permits. Let's start with **Permits Issued** to see all permits in our *Time Frame*.
    You can change the *Time Frame* field to see growth at your desired time. We'll stick with the current settings.
    Choose the *Permit Category* you'd like to view. For this example, we'll press **All** to see both **New Construction** and **Renovation.**
    The *Status* and *Type* bars allow you to narrow down the permits you'll see. **Click** the *Status* bar now.
    Click on the *Status* permits you want to search. We'll set the *Status* to view all except **Denied.**
    Now click on the *Type* bar and choose the permits you want to search. We'll set the *Type* to view **Residential** and **Commercial.**
    Lastly, set the *Radius in Miles* to your desired size. For this example, we want to see most of Austin, so we'll click **10\.**
    If all the filters match your criteria, we're ready to view the data! Click **Generate Map.**
    A heat map will appear, allowing you to easily see areas with lighter or heavier development. **Zoom in** for more details.
    Tip! Notice the legend below, **Build Permit Density,** that explains the meaning of the colors!
    To get a better pulse on the development in the area, you can see each build permit that has been pulled in your *Time Frame* in the 10 mile radius. **Click** on a pin for more details.
    You can add the generated data as a **Layer.** This will allow you to stack data types on your map. Let's click that now.
    Enter your *Layer Name* and click **Save.**
    You've finished finding *Build Permits* *Issued*! Now press **Change Over Time** to find the trend in your area.
    We'll keep the time frame and permit category like we had before. Go ahead and **Click** the *Status* bar to search by our old *Status* permits.
    Select all the *Status* permits except **Denied.**
    Then set the *Type* permits to **Residential** and **Commercial.**
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