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    How to Use Jobs Data in BrightInvestor

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    Search for your desired location in the "Enter Address, Zip Code, or City" field and press **Enter.**
    In **Step 1** of the sidebar that appears, select **Jobs.**
    In **Step 2** of the sidebar, there are two **Categories** to choose. We'll try both of them, but let's start with **Number Of Jobs.**
    You can view data by the latest available, or you can select a custom time. Let's click use **Latest Jobs**.
    Select **City** and click **Generate Map.**
    In **Step 3** of the sidebar, you can view the *Total Current Jobs* in your city.
    You can view a pie chart separating *Industries*. **Hover** your mouse over slices of the pie chart to see more details.
    You've finished finding *Current Jobs!* Now press **Step 2** to find *Job Growth.*
    In **Step 2** of the sidebar, select the **Jobs Growth** Category.
    You can choose to view data from any time frame in 2010-2022. Let's change the **start date**.
    We'll select **December, 2019** to see the Job Growth over 2019-2022.
    If all the filters fit your criteria, we're ready to view the data! Click **Generate Map.**
    In **Step 3** of the sidebar, you can view the **change in %** and *Total Job Growth* from 2019-2022 in your city.
    In **Step 3** of the sidebar, you can view the line graph illustrating the change in industries over time.
    Tip! **Hover** your mouse over the line to find the exact number at that time. **Scroll** to zoom in on that time frame.
    **Scroll down** to find the job growth displayed in a table format by largest to smallest.
    **Adjust** the rows displayed by clicking here.
    That's it! You know how to use Jobs Data! You can now click on "Start New Data Search" to continue your market research.
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