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    How to Use Magic to Create a Presentation in Canva

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    Navigate to [](
    Click the "Use 5+ words to describe your design" field.
    Type description into the field about what you want including the words "a presentation" and then click enter
    Select a style, by clicking on the presentation
    Use the arrows to preview the slides
    If you like what you see, click "Customize this template"
    Check the slides for accuracy.
    In a new tab, navigate to []( to find accurate images. Type the name of what you are looking for and then hit enter.
    Click "Images"
    Select an image and then right-click to copy.
    Return to Canva to paste the image on the correct slide.
    Click the image and drag it to drop it over the old image.
    When you are happy with your presentation, click "Present"
    Click "Present"
    Use the arrows to navigate back and forth, or the space bar to move the presentation forward.
    Click this icon to review "Magic Shortcuts."
    You are ready to present for students!
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