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    How to Use Proof Feedback in Asana

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    Click the details carrot to open the side bar.
    Scroll down to the attached image in the task detail bar.
    Click on the image or pdf.
    Click here.
    Now you have the ability to add feedback as actionable tasks.
    Once you click on the location of the image that needs correcting, a task creation box will pop up. Add an actionable name, assignee, and due date. For more specific explanations, add those in the description box.
    To add collaborators to the task, use the @mention feature.
    Also make sure to add a due date.
    Click "Create task"
    When you are finished adding feedback, click "close" in the upper right hand corner.
    When you return to the main screen, the details side bar will still be open and it will show each feedback item you added as a subtask to be completed by the assignee.
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