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    How to Use the New Asana Rules Builder

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    Option 1- Single Variable

    Within the project where you want to create the custom rule, click "customize" in the upper right hand corner.
    Click "Add rule"
    Click "Create custom rule"
    Click "When…" to select a trigger.
    Click "Task is added to this project" or whichever trigger you would like to use.
    Click "Check if…" to add a second variable to the rule.
    Click "Due date is…" as an option. This would require the rule to be added to the project and have a set due date because the rule would trigger.
    Click "Due date is set"
    Click "Do this…" to select the action that should be triggered by both rule requirements.
    Click "Change Status to…" for one of the action options.
    Click "Not started" to choose an option for status.
    Click "In progress"
    Click "Publish rule" to finish creating this rule.

    Option 2- Using "Otherwise if" to Create Branching Actions

    Click "Add rule"
    Click "create custom rule".
    Click "When…" to select a trigger.
    Click "Due date is changed" as a possible trigger action.
    Click the "add another trigger or condition" button
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