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    How to Verify a Domain in Facebook

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    Navigate to []( & login to your Facebook Profile.
    Select the business manager of the business you want to verify a domain for.
    Then scroll down, on the left side you will see a drop down tab named brand safety. Click on that.
    Then click on "Domains".
    You will an option to add a domain. Then Click on "Add" Button.
    Then click on create a new domain.
    Click the "empty" field to insert the domain you want to verify.
    Copy the domain.
    Paste your domain on the empty field. Make sure you are not adding a URL i.e. https or // should not be present only the domain name should be there.
    After pasting the domain click on add.
    Now you will need to copy the meta-tag provided in the Domain Verification window.
    Then that meta-tag needs to be placed on the website's home page HTML source code in the <head>...<head> section & needs to be published.
    After you've published the home page , confirm that the meta-tag is visible by visiting and viewing the HTML source code.
    After verifying that the meta-tag is present in the source code. You just need to click on verify domain. And the status will change from Not Verified to Verified.

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