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    How to View No Show Data in Enrolled Students Snapshot

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    Before logging into Power BI, remember to open an incognito or private browser window. Navigate to Power BI, log in with your credentials, and open the Enrolled Students Snapshot.
    Click "Student Logs"
    Click "More Filters"
    Select your school name (if applicable)
    Open the Special Populations dropdown and select "is IEP Student." If you are looking for missed evaluation sessions for students who DO NOT have IEPs, consider leaving this blank and viewing the student population as a whole.
    Close the "More Filters" menu
    Open the Contact Type menu. In order to select both options, hit "ctrl" and click the options: "LiveLesson - Did Not Attend," "LiveLesson - Did Not Attend (Required)," and/or "Face to Face" depending on the type of service location for your students.
    Open Area, Category and select "Special Education" from the list of options. Then select "Related Services" which is listed under the Special Education category. If you are looking for missed evaluations, also include the Special Education option "Evaluation/re-evaluation documentation." If "Evaluation/re-evaluation documentation" isn't on your list of options, this means that no one has created log entries using this category for the time period selected.
    Select one or more months from the list of tiles to narrow down your data to a specific time of the school year. The top data table will show a list of your students who have related service log entries indicating that they did not attend. You can see whether the student or caretaker are listed as contactees for each entry. A cumulative number of absences is listed in the total. The data table underneath provides more details such as who create the log entry, the date listed on the log entry, and the date that the actual log entry was created. Click "Export data" if you would like to download an Excel file to reference at a later date.
    Click "Export" to export the file.
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