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    How to View Search Terms for Your Google Ads (What People Actually Searched)

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    Navigate to [](
    Click on the hamburger menu at the top left.
    Click "All campaigns"
    Click "Search campaigns"
    Click on the search campaign you would like to view the search terms for, or skip this step if you'd like to see search terms across all campaigns.
    Click on 'Insights & Reports'
    Click on 'Search terms'
    You will now be able to see the exact searches that people make for your ads to appear.
    If you see search terms that are not relevant to your business, you can create a list by clicking on the boxes next to the terms.
    Then you can click on 'add as negative keyword' to send a signal to Google that you don't want your ads to appear for these search terms.
    You now have the ability to edit whether you would like to add these negative keywords as exact, phrase or broad match.
    I typically suggest to add negative keywords as phrase match. This means Google will consider any terms that are closely related to the chosen term to be a negative keyword, and not just the exact term entered. This will save you from needing to repeat the process too often. To add as a phrase match, replace the square brackets on either side of the term with quotation marks - "
    You can add to the ad group, campaign or a negative keyword list. A negative keyword list can be used across your whole account, while ad group or campaign is applied to that selection.
    When you're done, click 'Save'
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