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    How to Void an Account Transfer

    • Brokerage Engine |
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    • 56 seconds
      Navigate to Brokerage Engine and log in as a System Admin user.
      Click "Accounting" in the dashboard menu.
      Click "Banking" in the dashboard menu of the Accounting module.
      Click "Transfers" in the submenu.
      Utilize the search filters at the top of the page to look for the desired transfer by its date.
      Click "Search" to review all of the transfers during the specified time period.
      Locate the desired transfer in the table.
      Click the "Action" button associated with the transfer you wish to cancel.
      Click the dropdown menu next to the "Journal Entries" button in the upper-right corner.
      To cancel the transfer click "Void".
      Click "OK".
      Click "OK" again. If you were successful the pop-up window will say success.
      Please note that the cancellation of the transfer does not affect bank accounts in real time.
      Return to the Transfer page by clicking the "TRANSFERS" link in the upper-left corner.
      You'll notice the transfer still shows up in the Transfer table; however, its balance has been reduced to zero.
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