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    How to Withdraw from zkSync Lite

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      The following steps were done on testnet so expect some images to be different but the steps are the same.
      Navigate to [](
      Click on the Ethereum symbol in the bottom right to switch between mainnet and testnet.
      To connect your wallet to the zkSync Lite Mainnet select the "Ethereum Mainnet" for your network.
      Select your method to connect your wallet.
      Click on "Transfer".
      Click on "Transfer to Ethereum".
      If you enter a different address for withdrawal, please check that it accepts smart contract transfers to prevent loss of funds.
      If this is your first transaction after depositing or funding your zkSync account, see the Account Activation section [INSERT LINK]
      If you refreshed the page or recently connected your wallet to zkSync, you will be asked to "Authorize to Send to Etherem". Signing the message will re-generate your zkSync Layer 2 (L2) private key (remember, it is good practice to read the messages you sign)
      Select the token to withdraw.
      Enter the amount to withdraw.
      Before transacting, you can change the fee token. Users can pay transaction fees in tokens available for fees since zkSync supports "gasless meta-transactions". See the Tokens page for a list of eligible tokens [](
      Click "Send to Ethereum".
      Read the popup carefully to prevent loss of funds
      Read the message in your wallet pop-up and sign if everything looks correct.
      Your withdrawal has been initiated. There will be an immediate change in your account balance in zkSync, but withdrawal times can take from 15 minutes to 10 hours before being available on L1.
      Check out our "How to Find Your Withdrawal from zkSync Lite on L1" tutorial. [INSERT LINK]
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