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    How to action ECRN's in Oracle - Planning workflow

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    Navigate to [](
    Open three windows: 1. PIM 2. Work Definitions 3. Product Development
    Navigate to Product Development and Click a link in My Worklist: in this example "Overdue deadline"
    Select the an ECRN link such as: "Change Request ECRN-100299 Requires Approval"
    Select the link in the new pop-up window: "ECRN-100299"
    Click the second image on the left task bar, aka Affected Items.
    This page shows all items affected by the ECRN request. In Planning we focus on manufactured item such as 1023747 as seen below. Some other affected items may be drawings or specs which we do not approve or reject in the Planning workflow.
    Copy "1023747"
    Switch to tab "Work Definition"
    Click the Task Menu.
    Click "Manage Work Definitions"
    Search the item.
    Click "Main"
    Click the edit pencil in the work definition header.
    Make sure "Preassign lots" is selected.
    Click "OK"
    Click "Save"
    Switch to "Product Information Management" aka PIM
    Click the Task Menu.
    Click "Manage Items"
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