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    How to add Salesforce to Outlook and Gmail

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    The initial setup must be done by a system administrator.
    Click the gear icon to access the setup (note: only system administrators and complete this setup)
    Click "Setup"
    Click the "Quick Find" field and type in "Einstein Activity Capture"
    Click "Settings"
    Click "Get Started"
    Confirm you are authorized to turn on this setting.
    Click "Try Einstein"
    Select either Google, Office, or Exchange. If you have multiple you can set this up in a later step. Click "Next"
    Click "User Level". This allows each user to sign into their email and complete the setup when they are ready.
    Click "Next"
    Click the "*Name" field and give the configuration a name. This is helpful if you have multiple configurations (i.e. you use Gmail and Outlook at your company).
    Click "Next"
    Review the settings on the next screen, you can generally leave these as they are defaulted. Click Next.
    We recommend syncing private events so anyone looking at your calendar will see all availability.
    We also recommend removing declines from the calendar so you don't have a cluttered calendar.
    Click "Next"
    In this screen only users who have been assigned the Standard Einstein Activity Capture permission set will appear. Click "Next".
    Click the "Internal Domains" field. Add your internal domain (i.e. to avoid syncing internal communications. You can also add other domains you want to exclude, or specific email addresses.
    Click "Next"
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