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    How to add ZoomInfo contacts to ZoomInfo Engage Salesflow

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      This Scribe guide will show you how to set up an email cadence in Zoom Info / Zoom Engage from your owned accounts.

      1. Add contacts from your named SFDC accounts

      Navigate to [](
      Click "Advanced Search"
      Click "Salesforce"
      Click "Accounts"
      Click here.
      Click your name.

      2. Add Title to Contacts

      Tip! You can pull the necessary criteria to your account list via the Main Filters. The scribe below will show you how to filter based on a job title.
      Click here. Click this icon. Click here. Click the "Job Title" field. Type ""sales operations"" Click here.

      3. Export Contacts to SFDC

      It's Important to add all contacts from Zoom Info to SFDC. You'll want to select all contacts and export them to SFDC. (Select each contact manually if there are only a few that need to be exported to SFDC.)
      Check the box next to every contact that does not have a salesforce badge next to their name.
      Click "Export"
      Click "As Contact"
      Follow on-screen instructions to export accordingly.

      4. Export Contacts to Engage Sales Flow

      Now, it's time to export all contacts to a Zoom Engage Sales Flow. For your convenience, we recommend that you create a sales flow for the contact before you export.
      Click "Export"
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