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    How to add Zoom to Calendly

    • Lindsey Bly |
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    When I first started using Calendly I kept forgetting to add a location -- after a lot of delayed meeting starts and a few frustrating moments, I realized I could integrate Zoom and Calendly so my Zoom link would automatically be added as the location for my Calendly meeting. Here's how I did it.
    Navigate to [](
    Click "Integrations"
    Click on the Zoom integration.
    Click "Connect Zoom"
    Click "Authorize"
    Click "Go to event types"
    Click the settings icon for the event.
    Click the gear icon.
    Click here.
    Click ", No location given"
    Click "Add a location"
    Select Zoom.
    Click "Save & Close"
    That's it! You're ready to go! Any time you schedule a meeting in Calendly, your Zoom link will now be automatically added as the location 🎉.
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