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    How to add a Contractor to Borderless

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    Navigate to your [Hires Page](
    Click "Add New Hire"
    Select Contractor.
    Enter the contractor's First Name, Last Name and **Personal Email.**
    Select the country of the "Contract Jurisdiction".
    Enter the contractor's Position Title.
    Enter the details of their Scope of Work.
    Select the contractor's "Start Date".
    Click "Next"
    Select how often you will be paying this contractor: - Every week - Every two weeks - Twice a month - Once a month - On demand
    Select what currency will you be paying them in. \ \ **Please note:** this is the contract currency; the currency contractor invoices will be in. This does not determine what currency the contractor chooses to receive in.
    Select what timezone Pay Periods are in. \ \ **For ex**: for hourly contractors, the set pay periods may be Monday 9am est -Friday 5pm est.
    Select how the payment amount is determined: - Fixed per pay period - Calculated based on hours worked - Calculated based on days worked - Calculated based on weeks worked
    Select the rate per pay period.
    **For example:** $8,000 USD / month
    Select when the pay periods end.
    Click "Next"
    Select your Invoicing Terms. 1. When should invoices be issued? 2. How many days after an invoice is issued should payment be initiated? 3. When will invoices be approved? You may look at the expected timeline in the green frame on the right side to better understand your Invoice Terms selections.
    Select whether you want to turn on Auto Approvals for invoices. \ \ i.e When a contractor submits an invoice would you like them auto-approved or manually approved. Click "Yes"
    Click "Next"

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