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    How to add a guest card

    • Chloe Brown |
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    • 45 seconds
    Navigate to [](
    Click "Leasing"
    Click "Guest Cards"
    Click "New Guest Card"
    Type "ChloeTest [[tab]] [[tab]] BrownTest [[tab]] [[tab]] [[tab]]"
    Add the tenant's name, click "manage tags" and add a tag that gives information about the tenant.
    Click "Assign to" and assign the lead to whomever is going to be the primary point of contact on the lead.
    Click "Property, Unit, or Campaign" to add the property that the tenant is interested in.
    You can skip this "Profile Section" and any other non-required fields in this section that relate to a residential lease. In the comments section, add the tenant's answers to the prequalifying questions.
    In the attachment section, attach the tenant's driver's license. Then click "save". Your guest card has been added!
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