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How to add a row to the SeniorNet Nelson Timetable

The instructions below are for adding a new row to the Timetable, or for copying and pasting a similar row: - Copying a row keeps the original formatting and the links for that row making it simple to make small changes quickly. - Note - only members with permission and a password can edit the website.
Created by Susan Sturrock | 14 steps
LOG IN TO THE SENIORNET NELSON WEBSITE: You need sign-in permission and a password to be able to access the SeniorNet Nelson WordPress website and edit anything at all. Once you have this permission log in to the website: Navigate to Sign into the SeniorNet Nelson website with your username and password.
GO TO THE HOME PAGE: Click "SeniorNetNelson" on the bar at the top of the Dashboard. This will take you to the Home Page of the website ( and a similar bar will show across the top of the screen. (Note - clicking HOME may also take you to the Home Page on smaller screens.)
GO TO THE TIMETABLE PAGE: Click the "TimeTable" button (see the circle on the screenshot below). The Timetable page will open.
EDIT THE TIMETABLE: Click "Edit with Elementor" on the top row. Click “Edit with Elementor” on the bar at the top of the screen, (or the "Edit Pencil icon" on smaller screens.
Scroll down the Timetable to the row you want to copy and click anywhere in the row. This brings up the Editing Panel on the left side of the screen. (NOTE - YOU CAN ONLY EDIT INFORMATION IN THIS LEFT-HAND PANEL)

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