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    How to add a staff in Ilara HMIS

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    Open the Admin Panel
    Navigate to Staff Management
    Click "Add staff"
    Enter the staff's title in the highlighted field. Titles include but are not limited to (Dr., Prof., Mr., Mrs., Ms.)
    Enter the staff's names (Only the first and last names are required)
    Enter or pick the staff's date of birth
    Select the staff's gender
    Enter the staff's email address here
    Enter the staff's phone number.
    Enter the staff's address of residence
    Select the staff's role from the list provided. Note that the role assigned will enforce the permissions and level of access of the system.
    Click "View user's roles & permissions" to confirm the settings for the selected role.
    Select the staff's job title from the list provided. This has no effect on the permissions and level of access.
    Generate a username for the staff. Ensure to assign a unique username. Recommended formats should be easy to remember and have a consistent pattern i.e. john.doe or j.doe . Note that there are no limitations on the type of usernames.
    Assign a default password to be used by the staff on first time login. This can be a simple password as the system will prompt them for a new password.
    Click "Save changes" to create a user account for the staff or discard to cancel the operation
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