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    How to add admins to the Chatmatic app

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    Navigate to [](
    Choose the page you want to an assistant or admin to
    Click "Settings" for that page in the bottom-left menu bar
    In the Settings section, click on "Admins"
    Click "Admins"
    Click the "Invite someone to work on this page" field.
    Type the email of your VA/desire admin. This email HAS TO BE the email associated with their Facebook profile
    Tip! Ask your VA or admin for their Facebook email ahead of time if possible! That way they have time to confirm the email associated with their account (or they can create a new profile just for business)
    Click "Invite" after typing their Facebook email in the Invite field.
    Alert! Now your VA/admin needs to login to Chatmatic using Facebook. Have them perform the following steps!

    VA/Admin logs into Chatmatic

    Have your new admin navigate to []( and click "Continue with Facebook."
    They'll need to initiate the connection with Chatmatic, or log into their previously created account.
    Tip! If they already had a Chatmatic account, they will need to log out of their current instance and log back into Chatmatic in order to see the page you have them access to.

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