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    How to add borders in Google Docs

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    Start with your document open. Click Insert from the menu bar across the top.
    Click on Table and select just one cell.
    This will insert a table that you can use as a border. Drag the bottom of the border to drag it to fill up your entire page.
    You can also add a border around individual paragraphs.
    Highlight your paragraph and click "Format"
    Select Paragraph styles.
    Select Borders and Shading from the drop-down.
    Set the top border.
    Set the bottom border.
    Set the left side border.
    Set the right side border.
    You can set your border width here.
    Click "2.25 pt" or whichever size you want.
    Click "Apply" to confirm.
    As you can see, we now have a border around one paragraph.
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