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    How to Add Details Into "Customer Party"

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    Tip! The following steps are based on entering a NEW Shipper or Consignee.
    Select Customer Party from the Menu bar. Once in, click "Add Customer Party"

    Entering Company Details

    Under "Company"- please enter your Shipper or Consignee Company Name in full
    Alert! Consignee details are required to be entered under "Customer Party" when the delivery address is a 3PL (third party logistics solution) or if the delivery address is a private address.
    Under "Party type" tab, please select whether you are adding a Shipper or a Consignee.
    In this example, we are adding our Chinese supplier as our Shipper.
    Tip! If a user would like to add a 3PL under Consignee - Proboxx highly recommends to add under "Pick Up / Delivery Notes" the 3PL working hours and if there is a specific requirements, for example; to set an appointment with the 3PL.

    Primary Contact

    Add your supplier's primary contact details under the following tabs: Salutation / name / email address/ phone No. This information will be used in order to be able connect with your shipper / consignee party.
    Select the correct Salutation for the contact. In this example I selected "Ms."
    Click the "Name" field and enter details
    Click the "Email" field and enter details
    Click the "Phone" field and enter details


    Tip! The Proboxx team highly suggest to add your Shipper / Consignee address under the tab "City". Once the address is added, the address will automatically be generated into the shipper/ delivery address in your RFQ.
    Click the "City" field and enter details
    Add the appropriate address details in the "City" tab
    Click "Add" and the new Customer Party details will be added into your Proboxx account under "Customer Party".

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