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    How to add staff to CraftLink

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    Navigate to []( and log in
    Click "Settings"
    Click "My Staff"
    Click "Add Employee"
    Click "User Info"
    Enter in all the basic information
    Now enter a password for your staff. The password must be more than 8 characters including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.
    Now choose your options for the email signature. The first option is asking whether you want all your outgoing messages to have your signature on the bottom of each of those emails. The second option is asking if you want your signature to be on the bottom of all your reply messages.
    Enter your email signature. Copy and paste is a popular option.
    You will skip the calendar section for now. This will be addressed in the lesson of "how to set up calendars"
    Next, Click "User Permissions"
    Here you can customize each staff's permissions. In these permissions there are toggle buttons that give you access to certain features. Our recommendation is to ensure the permissions granted match the staff member's responsibilities.
    Click "User Roles"
    Here you get to choose whether you want them to have admin access or just user access. Only Admins have the permission to: - edit/create/delete team member - edit agency company settings - create new account - edit prospect settings - social settings - select user on task list - see other user's conversations - contacts page --> delete contact / import contacts - export opportunities - create / edit / delete / refresh / push updates / load snapshots - change account logo - smart lists --> bulk actions = delete / export / import contacts - Reporting - Website Templates - Affiliate Portal -
    Click here.
    We will come back to call & voicemail settings in the a different lesson "setting up phone numbers"
    Next, Click "User Availability"
    Here you will set up the available hours, time zone and meeting location for the staff.
    Choosing meeting location if applicable
    Click your time zone
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