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    How to archive a Scribe

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    Archive a Scribe from your Workspace

    Start off by locating the Scribe you would like to archive in the workspace.
    Click "My Documents" if needed to find the relevant Scribe
    Click this icon.
    Click "Archive"
    Click "Archive"

    Archiving a Scribe from your Scribe Editor

    Navigate to the Scribe or document you want to archive, and open the document
    Click the "Edit" icon
    Click "Archive Scribe" on the sidebar editor
    Click "Archive"
    You'll see this page appear once the document has been archived
    Archiving a document does not permanently delete it. If you'd like to permanently delete a document, you will need to do so through your "Archive" section in your "Documents"

    Unarchive a Scribe or Page

    Navigate to [](
    Click open your "Documents" section
    Click "Archive"
    Find the document you want to unarchive and open up its tri-dot menu
    Click "Unarchive"
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