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    How to be a Salesforce Administrator

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    Getting your Admin Certification is the first step, for more tips on how to be a successful admin, read here: <>
    Start with Trailhead, there are specific Trails for Admin (and other) certifications. Navigate to <>
    Under Credentials, select Certifications.
    Select your desired certification. Here we select Salesforce Administrator.
    Click "Administrator"
    This will recommend several Trails and Trailmixes to help you prepare for the exam.
    There are also virtual and in person workshops that help you prepare for the exam. Some of these are free and some are paid. Click "Prepare for your Administrator Certification Exam (CRT101)"
    To access Trailhead you will need to create a free login. You can connect this to your email or Salesforce login. Click "Log in with TBID"
    Once you are in your Trailhead profile, navigate to Credentials.
    You can also take free certification prep exams that will give you a sense of how the exam is structured.
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