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    How to build a Slack bot

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    Slackbot is a built-in assistant that comes with the Slack platform. Many teams customize Slackbot to tailor it to their specific needs.
    Click on the down arrow next to your workspace name at the top right, select "Settings & administration" and click "Customize \[*name of your workspace*\]"
    You will be redirected to your web browser
    Click "Slackbot"
    Click "Add New Response"
    Click "When someone says" and enter an input word or phrase. Separate multiple inputs with commas
    Click "Slackbot responds" and type Slackbot's response
    Click "Save"
    Click "Add New Response" to repeat the process with a different input and response
    In your Slack workspace, test the Slackbot writing a message including one of the trigger inputs and press the green arrow to send
    Slackbot should answer back with the expected response
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