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    How to change my Slack password

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    Slack does not have a global account system. Instead, each workspace operates independently.
    Go to <>
    Enter the email address associated with the workspace for which you want to reset the password, or choose to sign in with Google or Apple
    Click "Sign in with email" if choosing email
    Slack will display a list of all the workspaces you're signed up to with that email address
    Click "Show xx more workspaces" at the bottom if the list is longer than 5
    Find the workspace for which you want to change the password and click on it
    Locate the Password section at the top
    Click "expand" on the right
    Enter your "Current password"
    Enter your "New password"
    Click "Save password"
    If you cannot remember your current password
    Click "Reset your password by email"
    Check your email and open the "reset your password" email from Slack
    Click "Choose a new password" in the email
    Enter and confirm your new password
    Click "Change my password"
    Your password was reset
    You will need to repeat these steps for resetting the password of any other workspace.
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