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    How to change my name on Zoom

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    During a Zoom meeting

    Right-click on your name (if your camera is off) or your video (if your camera is on)
    Click "Rename"
    Type your new display name
    Click "Change" to confirm
    Note that if you change your name during a meeting, the change will only apply for the current meeting. \ You will need to follow the instructions below to set it up for all future meetings.

    Before a Zoom meeting

    Open your Zoom desktop app
    Click on your profile picture at the top right
    Click "My Profile"
    You will be redirected to your web browser
    Log in to your zoom account entering your email and password.\ (Or sign in using the other offered options)
    If using your email, click "Sign In "
    Locate your name at the top of your profile page and click "Edit" on the right
    Click on the "Display Name" field
    Enter your new display name
    Click "Save" at the bottom
    To exit, click on your profile picture in the top right
    Click "Sign Out"
    Your display name has been changed for all future meetings
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