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    How to connect Asana with Google Drive?

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    Connect Google Drive with the Project you are working with

    Navigate to the Asana project you are working / collaborating with
    Click "Customize".
    Click "Apps".
    Click "+Add App".
    Click "Google Drive".
    Click "Add to project".
    Click "Connect to Google Drive".
    Click "Allow".
    Click the email account you'll be using from Google Drive.
    Click "Continue".
    Make sure to grant access to Google Drive as requested, then click "Got it!".

    Change the way you attach documents to your Tasks

    Navigate to the Asana task where you are attaching the document.
    Copy the URL of the document to attach to the task.
    Click "Add Google Drive file".
    Paste the URL and click "Add".
    Now directly from this section of the Task, you will have access to the details of the document: • Owner of the document, • Open comments, • Last comment, • Click to open directly the document.
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