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    How to create Buy X Get Y discounts

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    Navigate to [](
    Click "Create Discount"
    Click "Create single discount"
    Click this text field. To add discount code (For e.g BOGO, Buy 2 Get 1 etc)
    **Click "Add free or discounted products to cart"**
    Click this number field.
    **Click this number field. Here basis how much discount you want to give for product Y should be added here. And Quantity is how many product Y should the discount be given on.**
    Click "Add product"
    **Select the Product Y on which the discount will be provided.**
    Click "Save"
    **Click "Number of items in the cart"**
    Click this number field. Quantity of Product(s) X
    Click "For specific products in cart"
    Click "Add product"
    **Select the Product(s) X which should be bought for discount to be given on Y.**
    Click "Add product". Add the second X
    Click "Save"
    Click "Continue". And you can set the rest of the parameters.
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