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    How to create a Task

        Click a library under "Assignments"
        Click on the plus sign next to Assignments and click on "Task"
        Check the box next to "Task Notification" if you want an email to be sent everytime the task is changed.
        Check the box next to "Billable" if the task is billable
        Enter details into the fields
        Click on the dropbox next to "Type" to select the Task type
        Alternately you can click on the plus sign to create another "Type"
        Enter the new "Task Type" and click on Save. Check the box next to "Is Global" if you wish for this "Task Type" to be available across other libraries. Click on "Save"
        Similarly as with "Type" you can select a "Sub Type" from the dropdown or create a "Sub Type" as shown earlier.
        Here, for example, we select "Receptionist" from the dropdown.
        Select your "Company Name" from the dropdown.
        Select "Sites" from the dropdown.
        Select the "Sites" for which this task is created.
        Alternately you can create a new "Site" by clicking on the plus button.
        Enter name for another "Site" and click on "Save". A new "Site" will be available in the dropdown next to "Sites"
        Click on the dropdown to add "Associate Person(s)"
        Select an "Associate Person".
        Alternately you can click the plus button to Add a New Person to Associates.
        If you clicked on the plus sign in the previous Step, a new window will appear. Enter information for a new person and click on "Save".
        Automatically the Task gets Assigned to the person creating it. You can still add other users. In that case click on the plus sign to add assignees.

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