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    How to create a Template task in Asana

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    Tip! This is a task-type that you can use again and again across several projects.
    Navigate to [](
    In your project, click "Customize" on the right side of your screen
    Scroll to the bottom and click "Add a Task Template"
    Name your task. I recommend naming it template task or something related to the project(s) it's in.
    You can assign your task so that every time you use the template, it's automatically assigned.
    To give the task a timeframe.
    The field will allow you to choose a number of days or a date range for the template task.
    Alert! The below step is how you will assign each task to your content calendar.
    Click "Add to projects" to automatically assign the template task to a project.
    Select the projects your task will live in.
    Give your task a standard description. I usually use this section to add instructions.
    When complete, click "Done"
    Now you see you have 1 task template.
    If you want to make further customizations, for example add a section for content briefs, links, or statuses, click "Customize"
    Automatically the fields showing will be Assignee, Due date, projects and tags. If you'd like to make your own, click "Add Custom Field"
    Give your field a name, for example "Content Brief." Then select the "Field Type" drop down.
    You can choose from the the following options: single select, multi-select, text and number.
    Give your field a description to help your team or contributors.
    For example, my description says "Copy and Paste Content brief"
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