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    How to create a Ticket

        Click "Assignments"
        Click "All Assignments"
        Click "Ticket"
        Start entering values into the fields. Give the Ticket a "Title".
        Enter a summary for the "Ticket". Click on "All Assignment" to select a Sub Module
        Select a Sub Module. Here "Human Resources" which was previously created as been selected.
        Click a "Type" for the ticket.
        You can select a previously created type such as "Recruitment" or create a new type from here.
        To create a new "Type" click on the plus sign.
        Enter a Type for the ticket, check the box "Is Global" if you wish the type to be global across the system.
        Click "Save"
        Click on the drop down to select a "Sub Type" for the Ticket.
        Select a "Sub Type". You can also create a "Sub Type" from here by clicking on the plus sign.
        Click on the drop down to select the Company Name.
        Select your company
        Click on the drop down to select a "Site"
        You can select one or multiple sites created earlier.
        You can click on the plus sign to create a new site.
        A popup window will appear. Enter the name for a new site and click "Save"
        Click on the drop down for "Associated Persons".

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