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    How to create a Valentine's Day Story for your S.O

    • Leni Vasquez |
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      On your phone open up your Instagram app
      Tap here to create new story
      Take a random picture and click the three little buttons.
      Tip! The picture taken won't show. This is done to add a background color to your story.
      Tap the color you would like to use as a background
      Tap the options bar at the top and tap here to add a gallery picture.
      Tap the image you'd like to upload.
      Tap the text field and add the text you'd like. For example, here we added "Happy Valentines Day"
      Next if you want to add picture elements like hearts you can tap the search bar and type out "hearts". Once you find an image you like tap on it. Tap here.
      Rearrange the image to where you'd like to place it on the screen. (Here we added a cat).
      Next, make it so you S.O. can also add this post to their story by @Mentioning them.
      Once you're done and happy with the design click "Your Story" and share to your Instagram!
      You're all done! Happy Valentines Day 💕
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