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    How to create a custom report type in Salesforce

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    Click here.
    Go into Setup.
    Click the "Quick Find" field.
    Type "report type"
    Click "Report Type"
    Click New Custom Report Type
    Select your primary object for the report type.
    Click the "\*Report Type Label" field to name your report type.
    Click the "\*Description" field and give your report type a description.
    Select a category for your report type.
    Click "Next".
    If you want multiple objects in your report type, click to relate another object. You can also choose whether this is a with or a with or without report. For example, if I want all opportunities whether or not they have products, I'd choose with or without. This means that whether or not it has products, the opportunity will show. If it does have products, I can pull in detail from the related product record.
    Click this image.
    Click "Products"
    Click Save.
    Click Edit Layout.
    Click "Add fields related via lookup " to add data from items related to products and/or opportunities. For example, I want some fields from the related Account that the opportunity is associated with.
    Click "Account Name »"
    Click this checkbox.
    Click OK when you're done.
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