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    How to create a custom task rule in Asana

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    Create custom rules for your tasks in Asana to keep you organized in under a minute with this Scribe.
    Navigate to []( and log into your account. Click 'My Tasks'.
    Navigate to the task section that you want to create a rule for. Click here to reveal additional options.
    Click "Add rule to section".
    Click 'Create a custom rule'.
    The basic workflow builder will open. Click 'Choose a trigger'.
    To create a rule that activates when a task is overdue, select 'Task is overdue'.
    Customize the trigger by selecting when you want the trigger to activate.
    Click 'Choose an action'.
    Select the action that you want to occur after a task is overdue. In this case, click 'To a section'.
    Customize the action by selecting which section the task should be moved to.
    Click 'Do Today' to move the overdue task to the Do Today section.
    When you're satisfied with your rule, click 'Create rule'.
    Congratulations, you've created and activated a custom rule!
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