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    How to create a dashboard in Salesforce

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    Click "Dashboards"
    Click "New Dashboard"
    Give your Dashboard a name, select a folder to save it to, and click "Create"
    Click "Add Component Component"
    Each component comes from a report so you'll want to make sure your reports are set up prior to creating your dashboard. You can use the same report across multiple components to show it in different ways.
    Pick a report to use and click "Select".
    The Display As options give you several options on how to display your data. If any are grayed out it means the report is not structured in a way to display the data that way.
    Click this image. It will give you a preview of how your data will show in the component.
    Once you have a component display you like, click "Add"
    You can resize and move components on the dashboard.
    Lets add some more components.
    Click "All Reports"
    Let's add a user count component.
    Click "Select"
    Let's make this a big count component.
    Click "Add"
    Drag and drop the Users component to be next to our first component instead of below it.
    Lets add a 3rd component.
    Lets add a Bookings by Lead Source component.
    Click "Select"
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