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    How to create a list view in Salesforce

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    Click "Contacts"
    Click "Select a List View: Contacts"
    I like to start with the "All" standard list view that comes out of the box. Its the most basic view without filters and makes it easy to add a new view. You can also Clone and then modify views.
    Click "All Contacts"
    Click here.
    Click "New"
    Type "Contacts - No Email [[tab]]"
    Name your list view. You can choose to share the view with no one, all users, or groups of users.
    Click "Save"
    Add your filters.
    Click here.
    Click "Done"
    Click "Add Filter"
    Click Field.
    Click "Email"
    Click "Done"
    Click "Save"
    Click here.
    Click "Select Fields to Display"
    You can add or remove fields to display in your view (as columns).
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